What Access2Funding is and What They Do

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Access2Funding is the UK’s fastest-growing R&D (research and development) tax credit specialist. It was established back in 2014 and features a team of professional technical writers, accountants, and tax specialists.

It is fortunate enough to partner with businesses across different industries doing their bit for the environment, ranging from construction, manufacturing, and engineering to hospitality and agriculture.

R&D is basically rife within all innovative businesses, making them eligible for the HMRC’s R&D Tax Credits initiative.

In simple terms, this is another government’s way to give back to businesses, with tax rebates, which go into the back account of enterprises.

What Access2Funding Does

As one of the growing tax specialists, it is very committed to helping businesses identify R&D within projects. Innovation can take place anywhere.

If a business is looking for advancement within its sector or wants to change how it does things, it will be eligible for an R&D tax relief.

Why Choose Access2Funding

Here at Access2Funding, you will find a group of very experienced and qualified people, having an expert’s eye in matters about research and development.

Groups of professional writers also write reports and even identify R&D problems in different sectors, even when it seems there is none.

The success rate of Access2Funding’s team is basically a testament to the attention to detail and effort included in all reports, giving them the tax specialist and its clients an opportunity to succeed in securing funds that will enable both businesses to prosper.

Businesses Getting a Bite Of R&D Pie

The financing and grants arena is massive, with billions of money spreading across many funding pots. These funds are not available to all businesses.

However, Access2Funding is here to help businesses navigate to finance, which is right for them. For instance, Fuzzy Brush, a dental hygiene retail business, was able to pay off around $20,000 in Corporation and an additional $7,100 to reinvest in the business, after finishing two R&D tax relief claims with the help of Access2Funding.

R&D Tax Credits & COVID-19

No organization, individual, or business globally was left untouched by the global pandemic, Covid-19. With a lot of businesses on their knees, not knowing what to do, 2020 remains a tumultuous year.

Though recent research indicates that businesses in the UK are positive about bouncing back, Access2Funding being the reason for this positivity.

With the help of expert writers and team leaders, Access2Funding has managed to claim more than $4.6 million back in R&D tax credits for many businesses in one just year.

In order to claim R&D tax credits, businesses should be UK-registered and pay Corporation Tax. Small and medium-based enterprises should also have below 500 workers and under $88M turnover on a balance sheet.

Big companies and SMEs that received subsidies or grants towards R&D projects may claim relief under the RDEC scheme.

Final Remarks!

Now it’s a great time for businesses to encourage, adapt, and embrace R&D in the workspace, with the UK government striving to be an innovation hub by 2040.

The UK has a solid innovation legacy. Jim Drew says that tax specialists like Access2Funding look at the benefits of business innovation and various ways in which businesses may fuel innovation.