When It Comes to Tungsten Jewelries Now

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Tungsten jewelry has been considered a “model metal” in the jewelry industry for the past decade or so, since it was previously unavailable for sale. But in recent years, it has gained enormous popularity in the United States. United and recently thanks to the jewelry industry which has now fully introduced this material into their offerings and in particular to its many strong advantages and this we will explain to you below. From IntelliRings you can find the best choices.

Discover the tungsten carbide:

  1. Tungsten carbide has the same density and weight as gold, but is 4 times harder than titanium, 10 times harder than 18 carat gold. It is simply almost indestructible, anti-scratch. It resists scratches more than any other metal. FYI: tungsten scores between 9/10 on the Mosh (minerals) hardness scale.
  2. Its great strength is its longevity, due to its strength and resistance, compared to silver, gold and platinum. The tungsten jewelry does not deteriorate and require no maintenance because the material is recognized as the hardest material on the planet. Tungsten jewelry will always keep its appearance and shine longer than any other material.
  3. For allergy sufferers, we recommend tungsten jewelry. Many people are allergic to gold, silver, platinum, zinc or even nickel; these materials are used as alloys in most jewelry. Well, you don’t have to worry about it with tungsten jewelry, because this material is hypoallergenic. This means that by wearing tungsten jewelry, you will have no allergies or discolored skin problems. It is 100% hypoallergenic.
  4. It has excellent resistance to perspiration and salt. Which means, of course, that it doesn’t rust and the tungsten material is anticorrosive? This does not require any particular maintenance however you can wash from time to time with soap and water and then dry with a clean dry cloth, it will not do any harm.
  5. Obviously the price: tungsten jewelry is much more affordable. You can buy one of these rings below at less than 30 €. You will discover other models of rings, but also pretty curb chains with incomparable design at the lowest prices on the net.

A tungsten ring is a great choice when you need a piece to go anywhere. It is both stylish and durable, so you can use it to accessorize in almost any circumstance.

As said before, men’s rings, like men’s accessories in general, are becoming more common and creations are diversifying.

Today, there are many materials, some of which will surprise you with their qualities that will even exceed your expectations.

It will therefore be necessary to wonder about the material or materials that one wishes for the ring. Contrary to popular belief, Gold or Silver is not the only metals that guarantee quality or beauty…

There are for example:

  • Gold
  • Money
  • Stainless steel
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten carbonate
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Amber

Our Tungsten carbide rings will allow you to discover:

  • A shine and shine that does not change over time
  • Very dense and very resistant jewelry
  • Exceptional scratch resistance (only diamond and some very specific alloys can scratch them)

 In addition, maintenance of the latter is minimal. You will be sure to keep a piece of jewelry that will go through the years without losing its quality or beauty. Tungsten carbide is also used more and more in the field of alliances. It is an eternal ring for an eternal union.