Where To Go For The Best PVC Windows In Portugal

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When building your dream house, each brick, each door and window, each furnishings needs to be perfect. Investing in any of these doors and windows is a long-term investment for a home and hence it has to be just right in terms of pricing and quality.

At Loja Das Janelas, the best windows shop in Lisbon, you will find the best quality at the best price, you will find the best profiles and hardware and the most advanced manufacturing technology on the market. We use German brand REHAU windows, (the world’s leading manufacturer in its segment and the world leader in the development of polymers) produced from a German profile made in Germany, already specially designed for the Iberian Peninsula climate and thus avoiding problems that could arise by using a profile that is unsuitable for our atmospheric conditions. We do not sell white goods windows, recycled PVC windows or windows made from unbranded PVC.

PVC windows have become very popular and are being used widely in homes, restaurants, cafes, commercials setups too. Being one of the most durable of the materials available, it’s tough and resilient and never rots, flakes, rusts, fades, pits, peels or corrodes. It is almost a no maintenance material making it very convenient and time-saving.

Fire tests have shown that UPVC materials, being naturally flame retardant prevent the incidents of accidental fire and are in fact self-extinguishing. They are good insulating materials due to which, it keeps home warmer in winter and cooler houses in summer. Not only do they ask for low maintenance, UPVC doors are much cheaper than aluminium and timber doors. These are also environment friendly as can be recycled as often as 10 times.

According to the needs of each client, we design and budget the optimum solution, which can pass through a profile with more or less chambers (PVC or PVC / Fiber – GENEO RAU-FIPRO with variable security index, thermal glass and / or intelligent, achieving acoustic insulation values ​​of approximately 47dB (windows with 5 glasses, 50dB) thermal values ​​up to 0.85W (Uf * = up to 0.85W * / m2), air permeability class 4 (DIN EN 12207) and resistance to rain class 9a (DIN EN 12208).We design a variety of styles as per client requirement and choice. Our windows range from sliding windows, swing-stop windows, projecting windows, oscillating windows, hinged windows, harmonium windows and more. We take ample care of the look and feel and the safety when it comes to our products being installed at your place.

Before you finalise the company for the job, ensure to discuss your preference, get professional advice as well as the best fit quotation. A fair discussion with a trained professional will not only help you choose the best that enhances the look of your place but will also help you keep it in a good budget and even reduce overall costs. We have been serving Lisbon, Cascais and all around Portugal for windows, frames, hardware, security doors etc. For more details, please visit https://alojadasjanelas.pt/.