Why do I need an ATF form 1 for a solvent trap?

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Firearms need regular cleaning to keep them safe for yourself and the people around you. If, in any case, that you have to use it one day, you do not have to worry about misfires or any problems because of regular cleaning. This is where the solvent trap comes in. A firearm cleaning system catches the cleaning solvent to recycle the solvent and avoid making a mess.

Why Clean Using A Solvent Trap?

A regularly maintained firearm means a clean firearm, and it is a working firearm. If you clean it periodically, then you know the mess that it can make. Aside from that, the odor of the solvent can be pretty intense, and you also want to avoid getting the chemical on your skin. 

Solvent traps capture the cleaning solvent by filtering on the trap so that you can use it again some other time. Instead of disposing of it right away, recycling can save you money. Traps are straightforward to use. You attach it to the end of the firearm and pour the solvent.

Solvent Trap Options

If you are looking for solvent traps, stainless steel and titanium are among the best because they are made of superior materials.  If you buy from a reputable company, they do not get discolored even after a long time. Quality traps are also easy to clean and do not get distorted right away.

Solvent Trap Type

Firearm solvent traps have been in the market for a while. However, today it has gained more attention because of the current designs that make a solvent trap stylish. 

The suitable solvent trap kit depends on your style, design, and color. If you have several firearms to clean, you have to look for something that’s sturdier.

What is an ATF Form 1?

You can own solvent traps without the need for a Form 1. However, if you have plans to alter or redesign a solvent trap, you need ATF Form 1. Only after getting approved can you do anything. Any modifications that you do before BATFE gets approved might get you in trouble. 

Before filling the form, you need to indicate if you are filling up as an individual, trust, or legal entity since there may be different requirements. You can either fill up Form 1 on paper or file it electronically.

Most of the applications will cost about $200, tax included, unless you are in a government office that exempts you from tax. 

Waiting for approval for the ATF Form 1 will depend on how huge the backlog is. It usually takes a few months. 

Filling a form is very easy today. 

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