Why Over Car Storage Lockers Are Great

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One of the greatest inventions to ever hit the multifamily industry is over car storage boxes. First of all, they have the ability to turn thin air into 80 cubic feet of usable storage space. Second of all, they look fantastic and can give the entire apartment facility a strong, and secure vibe that renters are looking for when they want to move to a place that they can feel safe in. Most importantly, they have the ability to bring in a huge amount of extra revenue for property owners that take the time to install them and allow their renters to enjoy having a private, secure on-site storage solution.

What Are Over Car Storage Boxes?

Over car storage boxes are simple, but amazing storage solutions that virtually every apartment complex can benefit from. Each box is mounted on a stand that is positioned over the parking space of a tenant so that when they park their vehicle in the space they can drive their hood under the box. This way they can turn the area that they would normally use as a parking space, into a secured storage area.

The storage boxes are relatively easy to install and can be moved from one place to another without much hassle. The way that the boxes are designs allows them to be built right next to each other side by side so that the whole parking area can be transformed from a place to park to a fully private storage area.

What is great about the storage boxes is that they have 80 cubic feet of storage space available for the renter to fill up with the things that they don’t have room for in their apartments or wherever. They can fit tools, craft supplies, bicycles, musical instruments, and whatnot into the storage units then safely lock them away with a lock where they wil be out of public view and privately stowed away.

Privacy Matters

You might think that people that live in apartments might be used to being around so many people all of the time that they do not care about privacy. Although this might be true for some renters, the general majority of all people love their privacy. If not, they wouldn’t mind living in a glass apartment building where everybody can see what they are doing all of the time.

Having a private and secure place to store their extra belongings makes a world of difference. Enough of a difference, in fact, that most tenants would be willing to spend extra money each month in order to get the privacy that they so badly want. In a recent study, the results showed that the people that rent apartments would much prefer having an on-site storage solution as opposed to not having one at all, or having to travel to another facility in order to have access to their stored property. What this means is that property owners can capitalize on this information and install storage boxes so that they can get the money that the tenants would otherwise spend paying off-site storage facilities.

Renters Want Storage

When renters were asked if they would prefer having on-site storage as opposed to off-site storage it was not a surprise that most of them agreed that they would prefer on-site storage. The bigger deal about this study is that when the tenants were asked if they would be willing to pay more in order to have on-site storage they absolutely agreed that they would. Some of the renters said that they would be willing to spend upwards of $100 on top of what they are currently spending on storage just so they could have a storage place close to them. This is crazy. Just imagine having hundreds of tenants paying you upwards of $100 each month – every month – ongoing for the rest of your life because you chose to install storage boxes.


It is really easy to see the potential that there is for a lot of money to be made from taking advantage of the storage industry. Don’t cheat yourself out of what could be millions of dollars by neglecting to do your research and get yourself some storage solutions.