Why Should You Avoid Cheap SEO Packages? Check out Here

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An ‘all-in-one SEO package’ is no doubt enticing for marketers who aren’t willing to pay something extra. Before opting for such a scheme, they don’t bother to think that there are chances of inferior quality services. Most SEO agencies that provide services below the market rates make unattainable promises and marketers especially of startup firms and SMEs fall into their trap. Going with low-budget monthly SEO packages may seem appealing but not healthy.

What is a cheap SEO package?

Though the word ‘cheap’ is subjective, a low-priced SEO package indicates the selling of SEO services at a price below the market rates. Most marketers and even business owners rush for these SEO agencies’ “don’t lost it, grab it” deal without considering its impact on their businesses.

Reasons to avoid low-priced SEO packages

Below-mentioned is some of the reasons that will deviate you from choosing a cheap SEO package:


  • A low budget SEO can’t work wonders for your website or brand: Don’t make a decision focusing solely on the capital aspect. Yes, you need to consider the budget but that shouldn’t be the determining factor. A time-critical decision will be beneficial for your company in the long-run. 


Most of us who are in the realm of digital marketing don’t know the significance of time-critical activities. These activities include page-level optimization, technical optimization, and keyword research. Some have a false belief that high-end activities aren’t needed in SEO. However, this isn’t the case always.


  • Experience says it all: Agencies that offer monthly SEO packages at below average rates generally hire cheap labor. In most cases, these firms are new to the market arena. The capital shortage is a major issue for startups but considering the long-term aspect of hiring a person with an in-depth SEO knowledge is necessary. Companies that make big promises with their low-priced SEO services aren’t reliable under any circumstances.
  • Your business doesn’t hold value to cheap SEO services: Ethics is an important element when delivering a product/service. The business model of cheap SEO firms focuses on client onboarding more than anything. Retention of clients isn’t a concern for them. Several business owners are searching for low-priced services and these SEO agencies have a list of them. 


Every marketer wants to get the best value for their money. However, it is exactly the opposite if you hire a low-priced SEO firm. These agencies often fail to build long-lasting relationships with their clients.


  • Short-lived results: This is another reason for turning down the offer of cheap SEO services. If you know a fair bit of digital marketing, you should understand that good SEO takes time and doesn’t give you overnight results. 


Firms that deliver SEO services of inferior quality implement tricky tactics that are quite hard to understand and at the same time not recommended. With these techniques, you can get instant results but short-lived. Expect your website to be hurtled within 2-3 days. Low-budget SEO agencies use black hat SEO that leads to spammy and short-lived results.


  • Cheap SEO services implement cookie-cutter campaigns: As most low-priced SEO packages operate on a specific size for all templates, they implement the same cookie-cutter campaigns while delivering services to their clients. Most of the time, these firms neglect the business type and industry. Hiring a legitimate SEO Company in India will shed your headaches as they don’t have a fixed pricing scheme and alternatives over the board.


Opting for cheap monthly SEO packages isn’t the solution to grow your business. A wrong decision will affect your organization in more ways than one. The above list will clear your doubts if you are in a dilemma about whether to go with low-priced SEO services or not.