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Why Size Matters When Choosing a Heating and Cooling System

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When homeowners have central heating and air conditioning systems installed, they’re typically anxious to get the job done so they can stay comfortable. However, rushing into such a big purchase may leave a customer with a system that’s not the right fit for their home, and therefore works inefficiently and is more likely to fail.

What does it mean when an HVAC expert says that size matters? Just as it’s important to ensure that a heat pump, central AC, or ductless system is the right type for a home, it’s crucial to choose one that’s the right size. Read on to find out why.

The Problem with Undersized HVAC Systems

As one might guess, an underpowered or undersized air conditioner just won’t be able to do a good job. It won’t be able to keep up with a family’s cooling demands, which will force it to run longer and work harder than it should.

When a system is undersized, a homeowner will likely see an increase in utility bills and a decline in their overall comfort. During a hot and long summer, it’s easy to see how an undersized unit could cause big problems. By installing a properly sized HVAC system, though, these issues can be avoided.

What’s Wrong with an Oversized System

This is a lesser-known issue, but it’s still worth mentioning. While many homeowners assume that bigger systems do a better job, that’s not always the case. In fact, if an HVAC system is too big for the home in which it’s installed, it will work inefficiently. That’s because optimal efficiency comes through consistent operation and regulated cooling cycles.

When a heating or cooling system is too large for a home, the desired setting may be reached too soon, before the cooling cycle is complete. Known as short cycling, this issue causes unnecessary wear and tear on HVAC systems.

Not only is short cycling extremely inefficient, but it also leads to premature system failure. Furthermore, the only real way to resolve the issue is to replace the entire system with one that’s properly sized. As one may guess, it’s easier and less expensive to choose the right system in the beginning.

Helping the Area’s Homeowners Choose the Right Size HVAC System

When a local homeowner decides to have a new cooling, system installed and they call the experts, the first thing the technician will do is perform a procedure known as a cooling load calculation. With the results they get, as well as the consideration of factors such as the home’s size, the height of its ceilings, and its number of doors and windows, the technician will be able to recommend a system with the right size and capacity.

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Whether a homeowner is starting from scratch or replacing an old and inefficient HVAC unit, it’s important to ensure that the system is properly sized for the home in which it will be installed. Call a local air conditioning and furnace repair company for advice, service, and recommendations.