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Why You Should Use Direct Mail for Your Real Estate Business

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Many people in and beyond the real estate industry believe that direct mail marketing is dead, and it isn’t an effective way to generate new leads. This is untrue. When you send direct mail to a potential client, you can experience an array of benefits.

If you aren’t sure if using a custom real estate mailer or similar direct mail products for your real estate business is a smart option, it is time to learn why this is an effective marketing method.

It Is Easier for Your Customers

People find direct mail easier because it is something everyone understands. It takes approximately 21% less brainpower to process information that is gathered from direct mail than other forms of communication. This means your prospective clients don’t have to spend their brainpower to understand your message, which also means they may be more likely to take action.

It’s Hard to Forget

With so much information being sent your way each day thanks to smartphones and the internet, information received online comes with a lot of competition. Direct mail is now considered unique. It also shows that your real estate business is willing to take the extra time to invest in creating something to put in the mail. If you create the right message, your direct mailer is going to be hard to forget.

Improved Response Rate

According to the Direct Mail Association, direct mail has a response rate of 4.34%. The response rate to email is just 0.12%. This gives your marketing materials a higher likelihood to be seen and open.

If you want to create a direct mail campaign for your real estate business, make sure you create marketing materials that are simple, clear, and that will get your message across quickly. Knowing what this type of marketing plan has to offer helps ensure you reach your potential customers with ease.