Why Your Subscribers are not responding to your Promotional Mails?- A Study

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Often it is found that prospective clients are not responding to the email sent to them for promotional deals. In this article on online marketing Australia, we will try to find out that what are reasons behind it?

Email campaigning is capable of earning high-quality leads and when it comes to developing your ecommerce business on Amazon or an independent space, your amazon consultant will indulge in promotional emails to spread the news of your products or services to the target audiences.

Here we have short-listed some of the common causes behind this issue. Let’s find out:

  • Are they receiving your emails?

It can be possible that perhaps the target audience didn’t receive the mail. Often the email is discarded and destroyed because of a technical fault or by using the wrong email ids. It is better to keep track of the separate metrics per domain, sender’s name, and the score reputation to make sure that the emails are reaching potential customers. Crosscheck, whether the domain is accidentally blacklisted or not to avoid sending emails in the future.

  • How popular is your brand? Why should the users think to click the email?

3P sellers on Amazon besides the label sellers and wholesalers have to depend on email marketing besides content promotions as a part of the amazon product listing optimization process. Thus, often, the agencies convince their clients to invest in email marketing to promote their business to the targeted audiences.

But chances are there to delete the emails mostly or click on the SPAM and Block unless the email is rendered with some attractive offers and coupons that will drive the potential buyers to click on the shared link and visit your products listings to shop immediately. The storytelling of your brand is necessary on the emails too and the content writers know the art of luring customers with the crafty lines.

  • Did they get the point?

If the clients do not understand the reason behind the email, it is completely the fault of the senders. This will be counted among false marketing. That’s why, make sure that when the emails are sent, the subject line should be enticing and deliberate. The write-up in the emails should be bold, attractive, and effective.

Informative content is the best option to make the clients understand the reason for the mail. Email marketing should be done with complete transparency as this is one of the best ecommerce marketing solutions.

  • Is the Email relevant? 

When ecommerce marketers are setting up a strategy behind email marketing, they focus on sales growth and promotional development besides focusing on the Amazon storefront, FDA, reimbursements, acquiring the Buy Box, and more.

However, according to plenty of recent studies, email marketing is primarily failed due to the lack of ample research and failure to inspire users to click on the email and click on the site link, not for the sake of increasing the traffic rate but to create a strong bond with the future buyers, necessary for establishing a brand itself.