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Your Guide to a Smooth Office Move

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Moving your business isn’t an easy task, but by doing your research ahead of time and allowing for enough time to ensure things run smoothly you can help yourself to minimise mistakes and work stress. Change is a constant in the business world and a lot of that success or failure can be attributed to how swiftly a business can adapt to change. We’ve put together 10 tips that will help you move your office smoothly while staying on top of project tasks and helping your teams come together to create new strategies for growing your business.

  1. BEGIN EARLY! It’s best if you have more time to arrange your office relocation. Once you’ve decided on your move-in and move-out dates, you can put together an easy-to-follow calendar to ensure optimum productivity in the days leading up to the move.
  2. APPOINT A STAFF FOR SMOOTH WORK PROCESS: The time spent making the necessary phone calls and arrangements will be justified if one person is in control of the transfer. This could be the owner of the company or a talented employee. To relieve your employees of any pressure, you may want to hire a specialist relocation project manager. This is a service that professional Melbourne interstate removalists like Move it Mate can provide. 
  3. CREATE YOUR CHECKLIST: Understanding the quantity of what you have may sound simple, but it will aid in the smooth transition of your office. This comprises electrical products, desks, seats, tables, freestanding furniture, signage, display cases, artwork, telephones, document boxes, kitchen appliances, and other items. A professional office moving firm will be better equipped to provide cost estimates for office moves based on this list before an on-site inspection.
  4. INFORM YOUR TEAM IN ADVANCE: Hold a ‘relocation meeting’ with the staff to go over the moving timeline, expectations, and accommodations. You’ll be surprised at how helpful your colleagues can be with the relocation. To reduce stress and interruptions in productivity, it is vital to keep morale high in the weeks leading up to the transfer.
  5. GET YOUR CLIENTS KNOW THAT YOUR MOVING: Send an email with details of your new address and phone number to your clients, suppliers, and other business contacts at least one month before the official transfer. This will help them stay updated with the new address, update your website, email signatures, print marketing, social media pages, and platforms.
  6. BE A SMART PACKER: Make sure to get your packing items ahead of time and colour-code or label each area. To make the relocation easier, your small office furniture removalists in Melbourne might give office packing supplies. If you have time, pack all non-essential office items that will not be used in the week preceding up to the transfer.
  7. CHOOSE THE BEST OFFICE REMOVALISTS: Moving an office differs from moving home in that it takes skilled attention and experience at each stage. It is good to hire a professional office relocation company for your Melbourne move. They will handle everything from packing goods to office packing services to the safe handling of valuable business electronics like computers, data infrastructure, and signage, as well as large office furniture.