The Benefits Of Being A Mobile Personal Trainer

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In the past decade, the mobile personal training industry has grown from strength to strength. In addition, mobile personal training has proved to be a lucrative career option for trainers who are either starting in the fitness industry or for those who have had a negative experience of being tied down to a gym and wish to have more freedom over their own lives.

So, what exactly is Mobile Personal Training?

Mobile Fitness Trainer in Melbourne works on the same principles as traditional personal training, but instead of being based in a gym and having the client come to you, you (the personal trainer) travel to them. This can include teaching clients at their homes, workplaces, parks, or other locations of their choosing. Mobile personal training has numerous advantages for both the customer and the trainer, which we shall address throughout this blog.

What Should I Think About Before Starting as a Mobile Personal Trainer?

There are several factors to consider before becoming a mobile personal trainer. This entails a slew of new obligations, such as paying your taxes, managing National Insurance contributions, and acquiring company insurance. You must seriously consider whether you are prepared to take on these obligations in addition to keeping your clientele satisfied.

Another thing to consider if you are currently employed in a gym or another business is whether you are willing to compromise your job security and guaranteed income to move to become self-employed. It might be tough to get clients when first establishing strength conditioning training in Melbourne, even if you already have a few devoted consumers paying for your services at the gym. In reality, your profits are likely to be substantially lower, to begin with – but this will not last forever!

Advantages of working as a mobile personal trainer

  • Every day, you get to work at a different location. When compared to being locked in one spot for 40 hours a week, the variety of changing locations regularly is refreshing and keeps you motivated.
  • You get to spend time outside!! Whether you train clients in their backyard, a nearby park (see what local council licenses are required), or even a beach if you live near one. Every day, spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine has been scientifically proven to be beneficial! a personal trainer on the go
  • Job safety. Another heartening fact is that, even during the stage 3 lockdown, when gyms and busy public venues were closed down, one-on-one mobile training outside was allowed to continue. This can provide you with some employment stability during uncertain times when large, expensive institutions struggle to stay afloat.
  • Work schedule flexibility. You don’t work a 9-to-5 when you’re delivering training to clients. You get to pick the days and times that work best for you, such as school drop-off, study, doing day-time errands, or anything else is on your schedule.

So, what are you still waiting for? Learn how to get a Mobile Personal Training job or how to start your own Mobile PT business!