Know About These Rules before Potting Queen in Carrom

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There’s no denying that the carrom board game is one of the best indoor games worldwide. This is primarily since the game welcomes people from all ages and backgrounds who can enjoy equal enthusiasm. The game has transcended boundaries from the cooperative clubs in your locality to the biggest of stages in international tournaments. The game requires two teams, two or four players divided equally into both groups.

Carrom Tips: How to Play Carrom Board?

The game requires a simple square board, commonly known as the carrom board, nine white discs and nine black discs alongside one red disc (the queen), and an acrylic disc that acts as the striker. The discs are called carrom men, which the players must pocket along with the queen before the opponent does. The team or the players that pocket their designated discs, i.e., black or white, wins the game.

Carrom Rules for the Game

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the various rules for the Carrom board game. A comprehensive understanding of the rules will help the players to enjoy the game to the fullest. Here are the striker rules.

  1. As mentioned above, the acrylic disc or the striker is used for shooting the carrom men for eventual pocketing.
  2. The carrom board always has two parallel lines running across the board on all four sides. Players must place the striker touching both the lines when shooting any carrom man.
  3. Carrom boards also come with circles on all four corners attached to the corners near the pockets. Players must ensure not touching the circles or placing the striker on top of them when playing their turns.
  4. Both sides must continue hitting the middle of the carrom men huddle until one side pockets a disc of a particular. Once they have pocketed a white or a black disc, they will only pocket the discs of their newly assigned colors.
  5. Once a player has pocketed a carrom man, he will get another chance to pot the remaining discs the same color. It is essential to mention that he will continue with his streak of attempts till he misses to pocket a carrom man. Once he misses, the opponent will get the turn to play their carrom men.
  6. There are specific carrom rules for the queen as well- a player cannot pot the queen at the beginning of the game with their first shot without potting a cover. A cover is when the player backs their queen with a white or black-colored Carrom man.
  7. Similar to the earlier scenario, no player can claim the queen until providing a cover with another carrom man of their assigned color. This rule continues to remain in effect throughout the entirety of the game.
  8. If the player fails to provide the cover for the earlier pocketed queen, the queen will enter the game again, taking the centerboard position.

Other Fundamental Carrom Board Rules

It is noteworthy mentioning that any first-timer who wishes to play carrom must get a proper understanding of the rules first. Otherwise, any illegitimate move midgame can lead the player to disqualification. Hence, here are some of the fundamental Carrom rules for a better understanding of the sport. There’s no denying that players must memorize the Carrom rules to make the best gaming experience later on.

  1. If the player pockets the striker instead of any carrom man, he will have to put back one of their pocketed carrom men as a penalty move. Additionally, he will also lose his chance at the game due to the foul shot.
  2. Like the earlier scenario, if the player somehow pockets both the striker and a carrom man of their assigned color, they will have to draw back two carrom men from their kitty as a penalty move. The discs will go back into the center of the board. However, he will get a second attempt at the game, unlike the earlier foul shot.
  3. Players must not stand up or move around when attempting their shot mid-game.
  4. It is worth mentioning that if the striker does not move in a single strike, the player will have three repeats before losing their turn.
  5. Lastly, a player can count rebound strikes that may have touched the baseline while pocketing a Carrom man.

In conclusion, it fits to admit the carrom is arguably the most common tabletop game worldwide. Although the game may seem intimidating initially for any first-timer, things get much easier once they get accustomed to the rules. This is one of the few indoor games that have transitioned from households to the professional stage. Carrom strikes a delicate balance between a hobby and a professional game.

Furthermore, the game is primarily designed to test your hand-eye coordination. Hence keep practicing the game consistently to become an indoor champion in the long term.