Benefits of Studio Apartments

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With all the housing options available on the market, the one with the most hidden benefits is the studio apartment. Also called an efficiency apartment, a studio apartment is a housing unit made up of one room. Your living area, kitchen and bedroom are all in one room, with a separate bathroom.

  1. Saving Money

Studio apartments are one of the cheapest apartment options, especially in big cities. If you want to live alone or in a more expensive neighborhood, a studio can be a great affordable option. The utility bill for a studio is usually much lower too, since there space you need to light and heat is much smaller than a one-bedroom.

Studios are also ideal living spaces for people looking for short-term housing, like students. For example,¬†studio apartments in Manayunk, Pennsylvania could be great options for students going to school in Philadelphia. Students may not live in their apartment year-round, and they likely don’t need the space that comes with a one or two-bedroom apartment.

  1. Embracing Minimalism

Like tiny homes in the country and suburbia, studio apartments are ideal for the urban¬†minimalist. The smaller square footage and efficient use of space means that there isn’t a lot of room for tons of knick-knacks and storage, which fits right in with minimalism. Lots of millennials want to live in spaces that help them reduce waste and don’t require a lot of upkeep. Studio apartments fit that bill.

  1. Cleaning Made Easy

That efficiency in space means less to clean too. You only have to clean two rooms in a studio – the main living area and the bathroom. Without room for a lot of furniture or big shelves, there are fewer surfaces that require dusting or polishing. When you live, work and play in a single room, all your chores are centered there as well.

Living in a studio apartment can be a big benefit whether it’s a temporary situation or your idea of a perfect apartment.