Best Spots to Visit in Switzerland

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If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, in that case, you need to be well prepared. Though Switzerland is a small country, however when it comes to tourist spots, the list is virtually endless. There is even no need for you to visit any particular spot to get the charm of this place. The natural beauty, which is marked by snow-picked mountains, large green valleys, and lakes, hiking tracks makes this wonderful country one of the primary tourist destinations of the world. It is very important that you got a very clear idea about the different places which you need to visit, the major attractions of this place and a little bit about the history and heritage of Switzerland. You can easily get hold of these details from Switzerland by Local free eBook. In this book, you will find an in-depth account of different tourist destinations of Switzerland, along with various other kinds of activities and attractions that await you.

Some of the major tourist destinations of Switzerland. 

As mentioned, when it comes to Switzerland, there is no lack of tourist spots. However, if you want to narrow down your search to the best, in that case, the following section might prove to be useful.

  • Lauterbrunnen: If you wish to experience the true flavor of Swiss culture and heritage, in that case, this is the place you need to be. Located on the foothills of the Swiss Alps, here you can find lush green valleys all around you. Are you interested in hiking or trekking? Some excellent hiking trails would take you through the mountain passes surrounded by Pine and Oak trees. Your trip to Lauterbrunnen would remain incomplete if you didn’t pay a visit to the world-famous Staubbach Falls.
  • The Rhine Falls: You didn’t have enough of Switzerland if you didn’t visit the Rhine Falls. Located right next to the German border this magnificent waterfall is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Switzerland and the biggest waterfall of Europe. The nearest city to this fall called Schaffhausen is about four kilometer away, where you can experience and witness traditional Swiss culture and get to enjoy some of the best cheese and chocolates you have ever had in your life.

View on the Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfall in Europe (Image: Marc Gottwald/

  • Gruyères: This is the hub for cheese production in Switzerland. It’s a small town, surrounded by mountain peaks with lush green valleys running through it. Here you can witness lots of medieval architecture, which dates back to the 10th century. If you are a cheese lover, in that case, this is one place you simply cannot afford to miss out on. Talking of Swiss cheese, Gruyères has the best ones for you.

The castle of Gruyères (Image: Marc Gottwald/

If you think that these are the only three places that Switzerland has in store for you, then you have mistaken. There are countless different spots of tourist destination in Switzerland, that have been attracting visitors from all over the world. Melchsee Frutt is another place that needs to be mentioned in this regard. You can get fully details about Melchsee Frutt on the website of Switzerland by Locals.