Cool Car Add-Ons to Upgrade your Wheels

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Most guys are passionate about their cars, and why not? The pleasure you get from maintaining and upgrading your motor is well worth the effort, plus spending money on your car is an investment, and with that in mind, here are a few cool auto upgrade ideas to consider.

    • Sound System – There’s little to beat cruising down the highway with your favourite tunes blaring out, and if you have a basic sound system in your car, there’s definitely room for improvement, a new set of speakers and a power amp would make all the difference. Once you set your budget, you can search online for players, amps, equalisers and speakers, which will give you the best deals on brand name products. The latest media players offer seamless integration with smartphone apps, and you can add a couple of rear seat DVD screens for the ultimate in luxury.


  • Cool LED Striplights – You can buy deep blue LED strips that you can attach to certain parts of the bodywork, with strong adhesive backing, then wire it up to your light switch and at night, your car will stand out. Check out the law in your state regarding vehicle illumination, otherwise you might end up paying a fine. If you are not sure if you can afford the family gifts this year, Nimble’s Xmas cash loans would see you through the festive period, which you can repay over a few months. Interior LED light kits come with everything you need, as the strips are tailored to fit the model and they are easy to fit, with adhesive backing.
  • Wide Wheels – Everyone is doing it, and depending on the make and model, wide wheels look great. Yes, it is an investment, as you have to change the tyres as well as the wheels. Make sure the wheel arches can accommodate wider wheels, and you will have a safer ride, with more rubber on the road.
  • Front & Rear Cams – Great if you are involved in an accident, as the evidence lies in the footage, and the rear cam really helps with reversing into tight spaces. If you are lucky, someone will get you this set for Xmas, as it isn’t that expensive, and they are very popularstocking-fillers.
  • Leather Upholstery – Regardless of the make or model, there are traditional leather upholsterers who can transform the interior of your car, with your chosen shade. This would not be cheap but it is a nice feeling to be surrounded by quality leather upholstery, and they are very professional, and you will feel like a millionaire in your leather clad interior. Click here for more reading on auto interior upgrades.
  • Wheel & Fender LED Lights – These are amazing, but only for those who wish their wheels to be the centre of attraction, and these kits can be found at the online car accessories store. While you are on the site, spend some time browsing that many cool features they sell, and you are sure to spot something that is perfect for your car. Here is some government information on vehicle lighting and illumination, which you should read before installing any lights on your car.


If you really want to upgrade your car with a special item, but money is tight, you can always take out a short-term personal loan from the online lender.