How To Extend Commercial Roof Life

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If you want to make the most out of your investment on roofing and operate your business smoothly while protecting your employees and clients, you can do a lot of things to extend your commercial roof life. For a roofer in Naples, FL or roofing contractor in Palm Bay, FL, contact Ucroof.

You should keep your roof clean. Debris such as gravel and leaves can fall onto the roof. Without proper cleaning, these debris can build up and soon damage your roof. If you also have standing water on your roof, leaves build up can create a welcoming environment for mold and mildew growth.

If you also have a reflective coating on your roof, the cleaner the roof is, the more effectively it can reflect and not absorb the sun’s rays. Keep the trees pruned. Just like leaves and twigs, it can build up on your roof and soon cause damage. It is better if you can hire a professional tree expert to manage and maintain the trees on your roof and within your property.

The sooner you discover something wrong with your roof, fix the damage as soon as possible. If you cannot do something about it, you can always contact a reliable roofing contractor to check and try to repair it. 

Perform consistent roof maintenance. This can be done by yourself and also an expert on a regular basis. The following should be included in your maintenance checklist: roof cleaning, removing debris, canvassing the surface of the roof for signs of damage, checking the roof after thunderstorms, or after very windy days and clearing the roof after snowstorms.

It is highly recommended that you should have your commercial roofing inspection at least twice a year by a reputable company. To know more, check this infographic.