What to Expect Before Weight Loss Surgery from the Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Houston, TX

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Weight loss isn’t always just to improve a person’s self-confidence. Those who are severely overweight or obese are at a higher risk for health problems, such as heart disease and certain types of cancer. For these individuals, weight loss isn’t always sufficient or effective at lowering his or her risk for obesity-related health conditions. However, these people may find that weight loss through natural means isn’t effective or sufficient enough to prevent future health complications. Therefore, these individuals may want to search for the best weight loss surgeon in Houston, TX to find a solution that’s both effective and safe for many people.

Medical History Report

During the initial consultation, the patient comes into the office and fills out a detailed medical history report. This helps the surgeon identify if weight loss could be beneficial and if surgery is a safe alternative to natural weight loss means.

Options for Surgery

This visit is when the patient discusses the different options for weight loss surgery with the surgeon. The best weight loss surgeon in Houston, TX will explain the benefits and risks of both. The surgeon will inform the patient about the option that may suit him or her more without posing possible complications.

Requirements for Before the Surgery 

Another vital component of this appointment is learning about the requirements for the patient to undergo the procedure. For instance, the patient must change his or her diet for six months prior to the surgery and show a significant improvement in weight loss.

Throughout the six-month time period before the surgery, the patient needs to undergo a colonoscopy, bloodwork, and various other testing to ensure the surgery is safe for him or her.

A month before the surgery, the patient begins a special diet to prepare his or her system for the procedure. Generally, around two weeks before the surgery, the patient begins a liquid diet that he or she will need to follow for a short period of time after the surgery.

Throughout the entire six months before the procedure, the surgeon carefully monitors all the testing and progress with the weight loss. If issues arise, the surgeon may intervene. It could lead to a postponement of the surgery.

Fortunately, a surgeon in Houston, TX will guide a patient through the journey to make sure the patient qualifies for the procedure and ensures that the procedure will be safe.

The initial process of getting weight loss surgery is entailed. A patient goes through a rigorous process to ensure his or her safety and always learns how to continue the weight loss after the procedure. The best weight loss surgeon in Houston, TX makes sure the patient receives adequate education throughout the process to relieve any fears.